Corporate Training ROI

by Dr. Dennis

Corporate Training

Calculating return on investment is a vital aspect of corporate training. Corporates need to be able to demonstrate that the money spent on training delivers a real benefit to an organization. Corporate training is not simply some frivolous zeitgeist (spirit of the times). It has been recognized as being beneficial for business for more than […]





Difficult Audience Participants

by Dr. Dennis

Difficult Audience

Classroom or audience management is a very necessary skill for public speaking professionals. We expect to be listened to with respect, and engaged with eagerness. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for the difficult audience participants with an arsenal of tools to extinguish even the most distasteful […]





How’s YOUR communication?

by Dr. Dennis


There was once a time where communication skills were measured by simply having the ability to speak and understand a particular language. Orders were barked in the workplace, even in the home, and this was believed to be “communication”. While we actually know better today; that true communication is a two-way-street. No-one truly enjoys a […]

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