Educational Experience From Errant Speakers

by Dr. Dennis

Errant Speaker

There is much to be said about learning lessons from our own errors. But we can also learn very good lessons from other peoples’ mistakes. There is a world of educational worth out there to be mined from errant motivational speakers’, and yes, there are many of these in the world. Note that we are […]





10 Great Public Speaking Tips

by Dr. Dennis

Horrified to speak in public!

Everyone believes it so it must be true… Public Speaking is horrifying! Right?! Well, whether or not you believe this to be true, it makes good sense to set yourself up for success. So here are 10 Public Speaking Tips that will help you give a great presentation and help you WOW your audience! 1. […]





Picking Your Speaking Topic

by Dr. Dennis

Speaking Topics

It’s very tempting when doing a presentation to want to cover a lot of ground. Nerves can cause you to lose track of what you really wanted to say and you can end up “chasing the rabbit” and running off onto different and even irrelevant topics in the middle of your speech. That is, unless […]

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    Thanks for leading such an amazing Camp, it was an honor! I can’t wait to see you do your thing at the next one – I love seeing you up there!! You ROCK!

    Rachel Jones
    Guelph, Ontario
    Financially Free Entrepeneur

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